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Date Monday, Jan 15, 2007 4:41:20 PM
Made With Adobe Product Buttons

While finishing up the site for it's beta launch, I thought it would be good to state in the about section that the site was built with ColdFusion, and that the widget will be built using Flex. But after searching around the Web, I didn't find a good set of "Made With" buttons to put on the site. A made with button usually states what technology was used to develop whatever it is you are looking at.

I tend to use Adobe products, and promote them too... why? I'm not sure? Personally, I usually have to buy their software used off of ebay, as it's too expensive when you buy direct. Actually, yes, I do know why I promote them, it's because I can develop very fast with their products, and I can usually rely on them.

Since I didn't find any buttons to use, I made my own, and carried on to create a whole set for most of Adobe's products. Here's a ZIP file containing all the buttons - free to grab and use!

made with button made with button made with button made with button made with button made with button made with button made with button made with button made with button



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